sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

3 Altars in 2012: OMCA, SOMARTS & SF Sympony

Altar at SOMARTS

ALtar at SOMARTS, "What a body feels before death", dedicated to my mother Maria López, and the memory of my family and friends: Daniel del Solar, Graham Leggat, Ilda Urizar Peroni, Carlos Marías Lopez-Rocha, Fernando Arias, Luz Arias, Humberto Olivera, Amanda Rebaza, Abel Aragón, y mis abuelas Maria "ATA" y Elena Vera. Exhibition open until November 10, 2012 __________________________________________________________

Altar at the Oakland Museum

Altar at the Oakland Museum, dedicated to Conscientious objector Lew Ayres, and the Books, which are physically disappearing every day. Exhibition open until December 9, 2012. __________________________________________________________

 Altar at the SF Symphony

  Altar dedicated to Aaron Copland´s "El Salon Mexico", in collaboration with Anais Azul @ the San Francisco Symphony. Open every day with a concert, and special Day of the Dead celebration in Nov. 3rd at 2pm.

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